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Why A Guy Currently in a Relationship Can Benefit From a Dating Coach.

heart puzzleRemarkably a lot of guys come to me while they are still in a relationship; occasionally even in a relationship that they wish to keep. Although I am a dating coach for guys; I am really a coach for men to attain joy.

The major distinctions between a relationship coach and a dating coach for men is that a relationship coach is going to attempt to conserve the relationship at practically all costs, where as a dating coach is going to be worried about the guy’s joy primarily, then the relationship.

Lots of people may suggest that man’s happiness must be compromised for the excellence or success of the relationship; this could be real, nevertheless, too many times many compromises are made solely for the happiness of the lady. To me this is absolutely inappropriate and needs not be tolerated by any man under any circumstance.

For example, a lady who is not sexually satisfying her man after “he delivers” is acceptable.

A lady who chooses not to sexually please her guy because she is fed up or tired after work is not appropriate.

Paradoxically most of the single guys that I have actually coached who wind up in serious relationships have the tendency to have very strong and healthy relationships with the females who they pick since the guys had more strength and confidence themselves.

There are also men in relationships that I have coached who decide to end their relationship with a female however. This usually happens due to the fact that they got in the relationship from a position of weakness and the dynamics of the relationship where damaged when the man began gaining strength that the woman wasn’t prepared for.

couple-dating-coachThen there are also the guys in relationships that I have coached who decide to remain in the relationship mainly because the females in these relationships where frustrated not since they desired the power, however due to the fact that they really wanted a man who was able to come kind a position of strength even if they said otherwise.

If you are a man who is considering getting therapy for your relationship, may I suggest that you also think about getting individual training too. Although neither a relationship nor dating coach can ensure you that your relationship will be conserved, this is in your own control.

Exactly what I can do as your dating coach is provide you the beliefs and devices to begin leading your life from a position of strength which in turn will cause your happiness in and out of a relationship.

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