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As opposed to playing a dashing hero who leaps out of a temple with a precious idol, hoovering up as much loot as possible while evading the clutches of the temple denizens, Subway Surfers includes absolutely nothing deeper than a scamp on a skateboard, vandalizing trains and escaping from a track inspector and his Pitbull pet dog.

Just like Temple Run, a gentle knock or a late-timed leap right here or there will see the inspector temporarily catch up, while a full-faced slam into an oncoming train ends the run completely.

To fend off any staleness in this mainstay of mobile video gaming, the designer has thrown a couple of cool tricks into the mix: there’s range to be discovered in the pathing options as an example, as you weigh up whether to having a go at a dangerous (yet financially rewarding) run of coins, or stay with a safer alternative that keeps you well away from the path of the approaching trains.

You can likewise opt to head up ramps that take you onto the trains themselves, and this is where Subway Surfers actually ends up being intriguing.

phone gamesWhile you need just concern yourself with dodging train carriages, or leaping and moving your method past obstacles when you’re on the ground, as soon as you’re up on top of the trains you’ll need to browse left and best in between them in order to stay aloft as they race to the front of the screen.

Making a most noteworthy nod to Jetpack Joyride, Subway Surfers likewise provides a couple of goals to keeping the action intriguing, although it’s rather frustrating to keep in mind that the details of the objectives is obscured in the primary menu, and the page just references jobs you have actually already completed. To find out your next goal objective you’ll have to access the objective page in-game. Odd.

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