Data Center 10

Data Center 09When your website is “down” it’s about as good as not having a site at all. There are no visitors and no income. In fact, the high costs and potential loss from your website going down can considerably affect your bottom line.

Because of this, many companies seek to outsource their colocation requirements. It is very crucial to choose the data center that will secure your important data and documents from threat or disaster and that your data will always be online.

There are a number of colocation data center service providers in Tulsa, Oklahoma that are now ensuring “100 % Uptime” in their advertising and marketing products. The function of this short article is to help you define the idea of the 100 % uptime assurance and how that helps your online company.

A 100 % Uptime Guarantee Explained

An uptime assurance refers to the amount of time that a data center can guarantee that their systems are active and available to clients. The most reliable websites will guarantee 99.9 % to 100 % uptime in their Service Level Agreements. Anything less than that can spell problem – downtime and lower accessibility.

There are, however, data centers that only assure 99.5 % uptime. A data center that can just ensure 99.5 % uptime may experience as much as 216 minutes of downtime each month. That’s more than 3 & 1/2 hours! Consider this: if your website was hosted at this data center, would that downtime harm your business? How many visitors may have tried to come to your website during this down time? What’s the average profits your business could have made? 216 minutes can look like a lifetime when your website is down which can affect your bottom line.Data Center 10

On the other hand, there are data centers that can guarantee uptime from 99.9 % up to 100 %. If your website was hosted at a site that guaranteed 99.999 % uptime, your website might just experience 26 seconds of downtime in a month that is a big difference.

The most trustworthy data centers offer full coverage by ensuring 100 % uptime that consists of power, area, network access and web bandwidth in their Service Level Agreements. Some colocation sites even notify all of their customers if the warranties were not fulfilled and compensate them for it immediately. That is the best uptime guarantee you can get!

When searching for an outsourced data center solution, look for the 100 % uptime assurance. You deserve the self-confidence that your IT facilities will certainly be safe and offered 24/7/365.