Workplace inspection is a critical aspect of any organization as far as the prevention program is concerned. The workplace inspection process involves the careful examination of the workstation on a regular basis. The primary objective is to ensure that the organization meets all the required standards. This blog is going to explore the importance of conducting the inspections periodically.

Purposes of workplace inspection

One of the objectives of the workplace inspection is to identify and record the potential and actual dangers that are posed by thCBdwffJVdacABS.Be environment,equipment, tools, buildings, practices, and processes. Secondly, the inspection is meant to record any danger that requires immediate action. Thirdly, it helps determine whether the existing danger controls are operational and adequate. Lastly, it helps the organizations come up with recommendations that are appropriate in averting the looming dangers. One aspect of an effective prevention program is that it has several types of inspections. Let us now look at the different kinds of reviews.

Spot Inspections

The spot inspections are occasionally conducted to meet the range of roles on the safety and health of a given workplace. They focus on a particular danger that is associated with a particular work area or station. Examples include pressure from a boiler and the operation of a water pump.

Pre-operation inspections

The pre-operational inspection is done on the individual processes or equipment before the actual operation. The objective is to make sure that the operations of the processes or equipment are as required. The pre-operation inspections also help equip the workers with the right skills and techniques that are needed during the real operation.

Critical parts inspections

WDc dghnWLBIBWhere heavy machinery is involved, it is vital to have the critical parts inspections. Different processes or systems that are likely to cause severe accidents are also monitored under the critical parts reviews. These inspections are classified under the preventive maintenance program. They are meant to ensure that the workplace is safe.

Workplace health and safety inspection

Adherence to the occupational health and safety is imperative. It is the duty of the organization to put mechanisms in place to ensure that the workplace is safe from any hazards that might be a risk to the workers. The EHS Health and safety inspections must be efficient. To ensure that the system is adequate, particular procedures should be developed in identifying the following parameters.

  • The number of occurrences of the inspection
  • The workstations requiring the inspections
  • The implementation of the recommendation
  • The qualifications of the individuals carrying out the inspections