Media wall displays give a company a presence that attracts people to share their success or inform them of their operations in the market. These media walls are customized to different shapes and sizes to meet the customer’s needs. They assist in communicating about a brand through unique graphics and media wall displays.


hhghghghghhgMost media wall display stands have adjustable height and width. However, the media wall display can be constructed to set sizes or ranges to meet the customer’s preference where some may accommodate three people while others can accommodate a whole group. These media walls are printable both on fabric and vinyl making it durable for use in the long term. Additionally, they are very easy to set up and are portable as the stands are very lightweight but strong. Most frames are made of aluminum or steel which gives the stand extra strength, and it is possible to slide the fabric without wrinkling it for stellar displays.

Customized logo

Importantly, the customized brand logo is prominently displayed and developed using very clear graphics with the artwork coming as part of the agreed price. The layout is chosen best suits the client’s display needs and can be creative to attract more people to view the branded media wall and even take world class photos. Interestingly, the media wall displays are easily portable and come with a carry bag that can be carried over the shoulder. The media wall display is also machine washable and is mostly made from wrinkle-free fabrics.

Display solutions

Media wall display stands can be used to cover different functions. They can be exhibited indoors or outdoors. In most events such as trade shows, exhibitions, red carpet events among others the media wall displays are made to communicate a brand’s market presence and spark the interest of potential and existing customers to identify with the brand. Media walls are perfect exhibition solutions since they are structured to meet specific objectives through compelling brand messages and on point graphics that are developed on a uniquely contoured design platform.

Hire or buy


The particular need for a media wall may be temporary or permanent. Therefore, most media wall display developers offer their clients the chance to hire the customized media wall at an agreed fee for a given period. These firms also have a buy option which may entice their clients to buy the media wall for their permanent use. Most media wall displays are reusable and retain their rich, fade-resistant and vibrant colors that have no flare problems for photographers.