Selecting a website designer appears to be overly complicated and fraught. However, just like a car, there is more going on your website than meets the eye. It is advisable o use our checklist and narrow down your design company to ensure you get a functional, good, website design, which exceeds your expectations.

Questions to ask your website designer

Do they have a portfolio?hnjm23ed6y2e7u28292i

They should be willing and ready to show you a broad rangeĀ of various websites, which they have designed before. Ensure that the sites you are shown are online. If they are not in existence, then know that their portfolio is not up to date. If they just show only thumbnails, look at the actual site and see whether it appears so. If it does not, that is a sign that your design is yet to be used.

Is their pricing transparent?

Although WordPress is free, this does not mean that designer’s time is offered free as well. The extras included are likely to be charged by your website design company. The include the actual design of the website. If the team is free, they need to inform you of the same. You should note that some designers are known to charge a lot of money on designs, which they purchased a few dollars. Ensure you are not caught out.

Will they do SEO work?

You should note that search engine optimization is not a universal skill. As much as you may not be conversant with latest tricks and tips, some SEO ideas have been around since the inception of the internet. You need to check whether your website designer has some knowledge of SEO. They need to make sure that page titles, headlines, and page descriptions of your site are tweaked accordingly.

Are they using WordPress?

About 20% tg23edy27ued8u28i29202of all websites online are made on WordPress platform. Therefore, it is good to ask such a question. The good thing about this platform is that it is easy to use. This means that if your stop working with your designer, you will not be left stuck. On the other hand, if your site is shop based, they should use Magento or ZenCart. Unless your project is highly complicated, you should be okay using WordPress.

How easy is it make changes?

This is one of the questions to ask your website designer. You should note be going back to your designer each time you want some few things changed. The platform they use should be easy, and it allows you to make changes or add new pages any time you want.